Gear Review STABILicers™ Lite Hiker Ice Cleats

STABILicers™ Lite Hiker

STABILicers™ Lite Hiker

Out today enjoying the beautiful spring Colorado day! Gave the STABILicers Lite Hiker ice cleats a good workout. These are definitely not just for the trail.

Today I took them out while running some errands around town. Lots of ice and snow on the ground. Easy to take on and off. I even left them on to see if they hindered my ability to drive, no issues. The velcro strap makes them a little more secure but are more likely there to keep them in place while on the trail. I feel much more confident walking on ice and snow with them on.

So far I haven't had any issues with them coming off or any need to re position. They have a thick sturdy feel when placing them on, no apprehension that they may break or tear. I think these will probably last for many seasons to come.



They're sending my a pair of ice cleats to test out! Looking forward to sharing my review after breaking them in on an icy mountain trail.

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For walkers, hikers and other winter athletes, these simply mount to the bottom of your shoes, reducing chances of slips and falls. Proprietary TPE compound construction yields superior durability and strength. Removable performance straps cross over insteps to help keep them in place during use. Case hardened steel ice cleats are multi directional for aggressive traction. Easy to use, even in extreme cold—just hook over your shoe's toe and stretch over the sole Made in Maine, USA

Here they are. Also received a couple samples from another company to add our logo to.

Here they are. Also received a couple samples from another company to add our logo to.

I received the STABILicers™ Lite Hiker Ice Cleats in the mail yesterday. Ready to find a good spot to try them out. A few days ago we had some snow and ice down in Denver which would have made for a great time to test them out. Would like to see how easy they are to take on and off for everyday use(when we're blessed with snow)plus walking on different surfaces. Promise to update soon.