Colorado Aromatics sent us some samples at no charge to review. It's been a great experience. I feel like I'm finally being responsible with my skin by applying the cremes and balms they sent. I'm not really into lotions but I always have dry hands with cracked knuckles so the knuckle balm is perfect. I've had issues with dryness since moving to Colorado 10 years ago. Weird spots like my eyelids. Since starting to use the anti aging creme my face feels more hydrated and no more irritation which I didn't really notice before but now I know how my skin should feel. It's delightful.

Click on the photos to see their ingredients. Colorado Aromatics is a leader in the farm-to-skin movement and cultivates their own ingredients at their Longmont, Colorado farm.

"Our advanced skincare line is rich in nutrients and antioxidants to deliver real results. We utilise the power of herbs and science to create functional skincare lines include face, body and bath care products. At Colorado aromatics each ingredient is chosen to contribute to skin health includes natural ingredients rich in phytoestrogens, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Our products are formulated to-" ~ Colorado Aromatics

  • support cellular regeneration
  • reduce redness and irritation
  • build the skin barrier function to retain moisture
  • reduce fine lines and dull skin tone
  • keep your skin healthy and glowing with a youthful bliss

Looking forward to trying out some of the other products they carry. The sample size lavender face/body mist they sent is almost empty.. so obviously it was a winner as well.




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