Gear Review: Geigerrig Water Bladder – Hydration Engine |

Very from the throne. Beautiful way to start the day.

GEIGERRIG – Performance enhancing hydration packs and inline water filters for those who work and play in the great outdoors! Carry a GEIGERRIG hydration pack and play as hard as you work!

I've been using a Geigerrig bladder on my hiking trips since receiving it just before Hell Hike and Raft. The major difference between this bladder and all others is the pressurised air bladder next to the water bladder which means - no more sucking! Just pump up the blood pressure like bulb. This also means you have 2 hoses instead of one and an additional port to hook into. The hose with the bulb connects to the top(same end you fill with water.) and the hose with the bite valve to the bottom.  Once filled with water and pumped up, you can bit on the valve and water squirts out. The air bladder, when filled, takes up a little more space in my pack but since it's air theres no additional weight. In-line water filter sold separately.

GEIGERRIG is also a sponsor for #hellhikeandraft. Every crew member was given one of their pressurised water bladders to tryout during our adventure. Unlike like other bladders theres no sucking involved which is nice when you're trekking up a mountain.

Gear Review: Geigerrig Water Bladder - Hydration Engine