The Tiny House Life | Zach Giffin & Molly Baker | Goal Zero

In this, the second installation of our "En Route" series, we profile professional skiers Zach Giffin, Molly Baker and their Tiny House. A few years back they realized the house of their dreams wasn't going to be the status quo; they wanted to feel at home while traveling from place to place in search of fresh snow. Those dreams fueled the construction of the 112 square-foot Tiny House they now live in. Thanks to the Tiny House, they've traveled thousands of miles, woken up to countless powder days, and been introduced to plenty of new friends.

The handcrafted house on wheels weighs in at a hefty 3.86 tons, is built on a flatbed trailer meant for hauling cars, and has all the amenities of home, minus a bathroom. Some of the features include: his and her closets, a draft system and two beer taps, a kitchen with a fridge and sink, an outdoor shower, wood stove, propane tanks, guest bed, and a wood stove. The house will sleep five comfortably, or six if someone is willing to spoon, and is powered by a Goal Zero Yeti 1250 Solar Generator and two Boulder 90 Solar Panels. To see more of the Tiny House check out the video series of their travels by Outdoor Research.

Zach Giffin & Molly Baker
The Tiny House Life