The Tightest Line (Official Trailer) The Lives Of Fly Guides & The Fish They Pursue

The Tightest Line (Official Trailer) from Harrison Buck on Vimeo.

The Tightest Line, a film and webseries created & developed by filmmaker & photographer, Harrison Buck, explores the lives of North American fly fishing guides, the fish they pursue and the magnificent local environments in which they co-exist. As the guided fishing industry shows increasing signs of decline, these guides aren’t content to sit idly by as their beloved sport degrades into an overly sponsored, trophy-fishing, rich old man’s club. Individually and collectively, they guides are fighting against this degradation on all fronts by introducing the next generation to the sport, discovering new species with innovative fly fishing methods, employing risky yet rewarding conservation projects, and preserving traditions and techniques. The Tightest Line follows five guides in their local habitats - from the pristine waters of Idaho to the high mountain streams of Colorado, to the flats of the Bahamas and fertile rivers of the Pacific Northwest - in search of some of the most prolific and elusive fish in North America. TTL features original music by Andy Falco and Chris Pandolfi of The Infamous Stringdusters, The Shook Twins, Soundthoughts, PIKA, & Cari Cari.

The Tightest Line premieres on on April 1st, 2015