Trail to Summit: A Colorado Climbing Documentary | Joe Kyle

For more about Joe's documentary check out the video below and his Kickstarter page. For more about his recent trip, visit and have a look at his detailed trip report.

Filmed over the course of two weeks in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, this short film documents the highlights of my solo mountaineering adventure. I successfully climbed Maroon Peak (14,156ft), Pyramid Peak (14,018ft) and Capitol Peak (14,130ft), all while filming by myself. In some ways, it's almost a video self-portrait.

Special thanks to the guys at Rhino Camera Gear. I carried their slider on my back for miles and miles over many days, and over many thousands of feet of elevation gain. Worth it.

Behind the scenes:

Shot on the Red Epic.


"Borealis" by Blake Ewing
"Leaving Earth" by Jordan Critz

Licensed via the The Music Bed

I'm a filmmaker that's in love with the outdoors. Help me share that love with others! Last August I flew out to Colorado with a camera and a dream of climbing some of the most iconic 14ers in the Elk Range. My goal was conceptually simple: I wanted to capture some epic footage and create a short film about my experience. And I'm happy to report that I did just that - over the course of two weeks I completed solo climbs of Maroon Peak, Pyramid Peak, and Capitol Peak, all while capturing the highlights of my trip on video.

Joe Kyle
Kickstarter Project
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