Snow Greets She-ra As She Crosses Into Colorado | CDT Thru-Hike #HikerTrash

She-ra's journey began 35 days and 580 miles ago at the Mexico border. She just crossed into Colorado and was greeted with the wet snowy weather. This time of year it's usually a little a lot dryer. Follow her adventure at as she hikes our beautiful state and then continues on to Canada.

Whew. I was dragging today. It might have been the HEAVY pack or the fact I didn’t drink much water over the last two days (maybe more beer than water?? oops.)

Alan and I left Santa Fe fairly early and got to Ghost Ranch just before 10. He decided to come hike a bit with me, and it’s the first friend I’ve had join me for an hour, it was really nice to show off the CDT, especially the amazing sandstone cliffs of that area. ~ She-ra

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I like to walk…a lot.

My previous thru-hikes include:

Appalachian Trail 2002 West Highland Way 2004 Pacific Crest Trail 2006 Colorado Trail 2007 Northville Placid Trail 2008 Arizona Trail 2009 Wonderland Trail 2009

Renee 'She-ra' Patrick

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