Ten days. 150 miles. Segment 21-28 of the Colorado Trail | Sharp Balloon

Colorado Trail from Sharp Balloon on Vimeo.

28th Birthday Celebration. Ten days. 150 miles. Segment 21-28 of the Colorado Trail. Teller (Parents Dog). One outfit. Dehydrated meals. Beef Jerky. Water purification pills. Rain. Sunshine. Hail. Clouds. Nature. Mountain streams. Meadows. Forests. Mountain passes. Mesas. Rivers. Ponds. Lakes (I stripped nude my 5th day in and went swimming in a lake at 12,500 ft on top of a mountain.. ‪#‎liberating‬) Elk. Bugs. Deer. Cows. Sheep. Snakes. Determination. Family. Friends. Lost. Found. Free.

As Gudy said, "Before leaving the trail, take a moment and reflect on what you just experienced before you re-enter the world you left behind".

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I've always liked to do something completely different on my birthday.. this year for my 28th I decided to hike the last 8 segments of the Colorado Trail.

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