16 Types of Campers | Which One Are You? | CoolOfTheWild.com

If you find yourself with some time to kill on your next camping trip, then take a stroll around the campground and see how many of these different types of campers you can spot. The camp chefs will give themselves away with wonderfully smelling aromas filling the campsite at dinner time. The backpackers will be long gone by 8 am, so you'll need to get up early to get a glimpse of them and their tiny camping setup. But that's OK because the happy family will have woken you up at dawn with all their early morning cheeriness.

Everyone goes about camping in a different way, and as long as everyone is having a great time and giving nature the respect it deserves, then it really doesn't matter. So which type of camper are you? The glamper or the caveman? Fun police or adventure junky?

Share this with your camping buddies to see which they think you are. And whatever you do, have a great time enjoying nature happy campers!