Trail Foody Unboxing | Officers Gulch | Colorado

What is Trail Foody? Trail Foody is a subscription box that provides hikers, backpackers, and campers with a wide assortment of healthy trail food sent right to your mailbox every month. All of the food is ready to grab and go - meaning it doesn't need refrigeration or ice.

This is a great idea for the adventurer who would rather spend their time on the trail instead of at the store. The selection Trail Foody provides could only be rivaled by a trip to REI.

I haven't had a chance to total and compare prices, to see if I'm actually saving money but it seems legit. I also haven't had a chance to munch my way through all the goodies but so far I've liked everything.

The idea of a surprise package full of yummy, healthy treats is very appealing. One reason being I'm bad about sticking to what I like and with Trail Foody I'm guaranteed to step out of my comfort zone. It's also way healthier than the junk I pick up at the gas station.

I'm also a fan of the bright orange bag that's included in the box. It's light weight and I can re-use it to keep my pack organized.

I hope you check out my unboxing video. If you keep watching you'll see a shelter I noticed while packing up. It looks like someone slept in there, just not sure for how long. Too bad they didn't pick up their trash.

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Trail Foody Unboxing