Top RV Travel Hacks for Families

RV travel poses many unique challenges. These challenges only grow larger when children or extended family are added to the trip. To get the most out of an RV adventure it is necessary to improvise and adjust to make the situation work for you. When traveling with a family this is especially true. The additional people that come with family life simply amplify the issues. Here are some tips for family RV travel.

1 The folding wagon. Family travel often involves taking laundry to the park laundromat, hauling firewood or propane tanks, or taking toys to the pool. These steel framed fabric wagons fold up into a small form factor for travel and unfold to make full sized wagons. They are an excellent tool for hauling things around a campground.

2 Command Hook Crazy. Command hooks are a great way to secure and hang things inside an RV. Small tab clips make great fishing rod holders, and larger hanger clips are great for hanging everything from towels to the kids’ raincoats.

3 Bumper Mount RV Clothesline. Most RV parks do not allow clotheslines to be strung between trees. Bumper mount clotheslines use brackets that are mounted to the rear bumper to attach bars and line to the back of the RV. The bars and lines can be removed and wound up for travel. These provide an excellent, RV park friendly, way to hang dry your clothes and towels when the family gets back from a swim.

4 Steady Fast Stabilizers. If your fifth wheel or travel trailer shakes like a herd of buffalo is wandering through every time someone moves then Steady Fast Stabilizers may be your solution. This is an easy to install set of bars which triangulate your stabilizer jacks to your trailer frame. They install permanently, remain attached when you travel and add almost nothing to your setup or takedown time while substantially reducing the amount of shaking while set up.

5 The storage box dresser. Where to put the kid’s clothes when you RV can be a challenge, especially on long trips. An excellent solution is to pick up a cube storage box unit. These usually have a 12″ deep particle board frame which stands up to make 12″ x 12″ x 12″ square openings that fabric or cardboard storage boxes fit into. A 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 unit will usually fit along a wall in a bunkhouse or bedroom space in most RVs and will provide 9 or 16 bins to store clothes in. To fill them, fold the clothes and then roll them up to fit in the containers.

6 PVC toy bin. Use 1/2″ PVC pipe to build a square frame which is four feet tall and narrow enough to fit through your entry door. Then make a bag out of mesh material and attach the tops of the bag to the top rails of the frame so the bag is held open. Toss all the kid’s outdoor toys into the bag. You can store this right outside the RV door while you camp. If it rains, the mesh will let the water through and things will dry out quickly. When you travel just set it inside. These are available commercially too, but making one is much cheaper and more fun.

Whether you are heading out for a weekend getaway or planning a long family road trip, make life easier on yourself and try out some of these hacks. Traveling as a family is a chance for fun and adventure, advance planning will prevent overwhelm and allow you to be prepared for whatever happens.